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Cozy chat Bar is probably the most well known hostess bar in Siem Reap. While the city is home to a large amount of adult entertainment venues most of them are aimed at locals and to some degree Asians from other countries. There are just three hostess bars in the city that are oriented more to tourists and westerners in general.

Besides being the most obvious hostess bar in town Cozy Bar is also notable for other reasons. One is that the place stays open around the clock. Siem Reap can be a rather sleepy place. But this bar’s slogan is “Siem Reap never sleep”. Another perhaps more notable feature of this bar is the fully functioning tattoo studio upstairs. I can’t tell you much about that studio except to say that it exists.

Cozy Bar in Siem Reap

Cozy Bar is located on 2 Thnou Street near the Old Market and just around the corner from the city’s famous Pub Street. The bar has a big red neon sign over the entrance that is easy to see. It can be entertaining watching male tourists wandering towards the place until their female companions notice and drag them back into reality. Others don’t seem to mind as there are times when you do find western women inside enjoying a drink. Overall the place is quite welcoming. And the fact that it is fully open to the street on both sides ensures that nothing much that would be described as naughty goes on inside.

cozy bar siem reap womencozy bar siem reap women


The bar has a rather full drink menu with all the liquor and beers you would expect in an establishment of this kind. The prices are very fair. A bottle of beer is just a couple of dollars. Draft beers are of course even less. Lady drinks can be purchased for the women in the bar. They cost an additional fifty cents over the normal price. Many of the gals are happy with just a can of Coca Cola. Food can ordered from nearby eateries without leaving the bar. There is a pool table on the back side of the bar that is free to play. A good sound system plays music from Youtube at a reasonable volume. Customers can select songs at the computer.

Staff and summary

The number of women working at Cozy Bar varies depending on the time of day and indeterminate other factors. Suffice it to say that there are normally just a few gals around in the heat of mid-day. And they tend to be more average and closer to middle age. As night falls more women generally start to show up. By ten or eleven there may be ten to twenty women in the bar including at least a few attractive ladies in their early twenties.

Cozy Bar is like most of the hostess bars in Phnom Penh. The women are mainly there to drink with customers and make some money. Some will leave the bar with some men and go somewhere private for more fun and compensation. Others will not no matter who asks. All sorts of things come into play that would be beyond the scope of this review. Basically the women choose what they want to do and ultimately this is a bar not a brothel. When viewing things that way it all starts to make more sense.

When women do agree to leave the bar customers must pay a barfine as is usual in these kinds of places. The barfine is ten US dollars which is the going rate across the country these days. The women themselves decide what amount of money they require above that. There is no set fee. But guys typically pay anywhere from twenty to a hundred dollars these days.

Cozy Bar is a laid back and friendly bar that is easy to walk into. Prices are reasonable and the ladies are friendly. It’s not Baccara in Bangkok but it doesn’t try to be either. If this bar was located in Phnom Penh it would be decidedly average. In Siem Reap it is a cut above the competition. So I give the place a deserved three-and-a-half stars.