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Wonderland is a somewhat high end KTV in Phnom Penh. The area across the water from Diamond Island has been developing quickly since the first Aeon mall opened there in 2014. Now there are several high chat rise apartment buildings along with nightclubs, karaoke clubs, restaurants, massage parlors and plenty of Chinese businesses.

KTVs or karaoke clubs have been a staple of the adult entertainment scene throughout Asia for many years. While there are plenty of “family KTVs” where friends can gather to drink and have a good time, the karaoke clubs staffed by women are more prominent and well known. Wonderland fits the latter description.

I cannot be certain, but I believe that Wonderland popped up in 2016 when the local development was really starting to kick off. From the outside the place doesn’t look like much. Except for the signage and business suit wearing greeters who stand outside, it appears to be just another building. But inside the place is quite ostentatious and staffed by some very attractive ladies.

Wonderland KTV

Wonderland is located somewhere between the Russian embassy and bars like Bottoms Up. It’s pretty easy to find. The area is fairly quiet at night, at least in the streets. And these days these sorts of establishments can be instantly and easily pinpointed on maps in any modern smartphone.

Wonderland KTV Phnom PenhWonderland KTV Phnom Penh

As stated there are several guys in black suits who wait for customers to pull up outside. The executive level service starts from there as they open doors and even carry umbrellas when it rains. Of course all of this comes with a price, but it’s not always as high as one might expect when they first step inside of the place.

Through the doors there is a large and rather extravagant lobby. Some may even consider it to be well over the top in terms of decor and design. To the right of the door there is a full stage where a live band plays music to no one in particular. In front of that stage there are many lounge styles seats where several dozen women with immaculate hair, makeup and colorful cocktail dresses wait for customers to arrive.

Staff, prices and fees


The many women who work at Wonderland range in age from twenty to maybe thirty. Most appear to be on the lower end of that scale. There are many Cambodian women. But there are also Vietnamese and Thai ladies working at Wonderland. Most of them are attractive with some looking better than others. But even average ladies can look great when done up with effort.

As is common at similar venues in Cambodia, the staff at Wonderland is multilingual. Most of the customers appear to be Chinese or local. But other guys visit, including the occasional Westerner. Khmer, English, Vietnamese, Thai, Mandarin, and some other Chinese dialects can be heard at the place with some regularity. At least one lady working Wonderland also speaks French. Booking a room is thus not much for trouble for most people who enter.

Wonderland KTV CambodiaWonderland KTV Cambodia

Prices are rather clear for a KTV, but that is not necessarily saying much. There is a basic hourly room fee. But spending more than $100 USD eliminates that fee completely. Drinks are sold by the bottle for liquor or by 12 bottles when it comes to beer. To put things in perspective, twelve bottles of Corona costs about $70. Premium liquor can cost a lot more. Some snacks are provided, but other food comes with a fee. Unlike some KTVs, Wonderland isn’t out to scam anyone. They are upfront with the prices. They collect the total at the end. A visit can cost anywhere from a hundred to a few thousand dollars.

Of course the set fees are the only expenses at this or other KTVs like it. At Wonderland, there is usually a waiter or manager that comes to each room. On top of that there are at least two female attendants who run the karaoke setup, pour drinks and generally tend to customers. They can also join the festivities if invited. On top of that customers can invite as many ladies from the lobby inside as they would like. All of the attendants and ladies expect tips at the end of the session. There are no set rates, but guys usually give ten dollars or more to each attendant in the room. The same goes for the room manager. The ladies usually get a minimum of $50 for their company, and often much more than that.

Adventures in and out of Wonderland

I don’t know if there are any set rules at Wonderland when it comes to what goes on inside the rooms. If you asked you might hear that the places simply provides private rooms for singing. Of course a lot more than that happens. The ladies who provide company and sing are a lot like the women who work in the hostess bars. It’s not uncommon for guys to get close to them. Some light petting definitely isn’t out of the norm either. When the drinks really get flowing things could go further, and from what I’ve seen they sometimes do.

Despite this, things are in the main fairly mild compared to what goes on in some adult oriented bars and karaoke clubs throughout Asia. Cambodia is still a somewhat conservative place even though it doesn’t always appear that way. Especially inside of elaborate venues such as Wonderland. Guys meet working women and semi-pros in all sorts of places from restaurants to KTVs. But the intimate activity is for the most part done outside of those venues and behind closed doors.

There are no barfines at Wonderland. The business doesn’t participate in any private transactions made between the women who work there and the guys who patronize the place. But the women do go elsewhere with their clients on a regular basis. Normally they make their own arrangements. Then the ladies either leave with the guys at closing time or meet them somewhere else after their shift ends. Again there are no set rates as the ladies are free to negotiate their own compensation. But generally speaking the ladies who meet guys outside of the club for sex want a minimum of $200 USD.

Wonderland is a good example of a what the higher end KTV clubs in Cambodia are like. It’s not an inexpensive place by any means, but it’s hardly the priciest place in town. The women who work there are attractive and for the most part friendly. They can be a lot of fun to be around. The staff is attentive and the venue is clear and upfront with the pricing scheme. I give it two-and-a-half stars.