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There are numerous adult webcam sites online with varying degrees of quality today. They run the gambit from horrible to absolutely fantastic. What makes one cam site terrible and another terrific? Ultimately, it comes down to the features and underlying business model. But the models themselves are always chat going to be the main draw. The best setup cam site in the world is worthless without sexy models who know how to perform. Yet even a poorly set up site will bring people in if its filled with hot babes who do it all.


You might wonder why anyone would spend time or money on cams at all. Especially when there is so much free porn online. Sure, you can find more adult video than you could ever need online these days. You can even find video captures of cam shows if you know where look. But what’s missing in those recorded videos is the live interaction.

Adult webcam sites offer that and a lot more. That’s why I like them. And it’s also why they are so popular among men around the world. When I’m stuck in sexual deserts I often stop off for a little live cam invigoration. Today I’m going to give you a rundown of my favorite adult cam sites and tell you what’s good about each of them.

1. Chaturbate is definitely the best adult cam site in existence today. Chaturbate is full of models who do free shows in public. So anyone can see them. Chatting with the models requires a free account. And if you want to direct the models or have them do a private show for you, then you need to get out your wallet and spend some money.

Most of the money models make at Chaturbate seems to come in the form of voluntary tips. Public shows are the norm at Chaturbate. Models are naked, sucking, fucking or masturbating themselves in front of everyone. Many of them stick vibrators in their holes that shake when people spend money. That encourages people to contribute. But even the tightwads get to see the show.

chaturbate webcamschaturbate webcams

Another good about Chaturbate is the range of models on the site. You can sort out the Asian girls or those with big boobs if you’d like. All you have to do is click the different categories at the bottom. There are also single women, couples, guys and transgender sections. Chaturbate lets couples and groups broadcast in the same room. So you can see guys and girls, lesbians, blowbangs, ladyboys on ladies, and even group orgies live on cam.Do you want to watch a girl suck off five guys at the same time? How about telling who to suck next, or where to take the load? Chaturbate is your site.

There are also different games and “apps” models can set up to reward tippers in their rooms. And they can set menus that display when you enter a room. For example you might see something like “oil on tits 100 tokens”. Models can also set goals for things like stripping, squirting or even finishing a blowjob with a facial. When the token goals are reached the models do what they have promised. The whole room can pitch in to get things accomplished too. It’s actually a lot of fun.

You should be able to find whatever floats your boat at Chaturbate. Special requests and direction are usually well headed with the help of a small tip, and participation is pretty inexpensive. You can also broadcast your own cam on the site with ease if you want people to watch you. That ought to scratch some voyeuristic itches.

2. My Free Cams

For years I though was the best all-around cam site on the internet. But eventually it was surpassed by Chaturbate with its variation on the free show and optional tip model. You can see more variety on Chaturbate including couples and groups. But that doesn’t mean MyFreeCams is bad. Far from it. It’s still one of the best adult cam sites around.

MFC is a lot like Chaturbate in many ways. There are hundreds of models from all around the world broadcasting at MFC any given time and you don’t need to pay anything to watch their public shows. A lot of the girls here will do all kinds of stuff in these public shows. For whatever reason some of the hottest webcam models in the world broadcast solely on MyFreeCams. So if you’re into raw and stunning beauty, this is certainly a site to check.

MFC camsMFC cams

You should sign up for a MyFreeCams account to participate in the conversation, as guests are usually banned from typing anything in chat. I also recommend buying a few tokens to have a little fun too if you can afford it. Another great thing about MFC is that some of the girls will auction off dates or otherwise meet up with their viewers. You can only imagine what happens.

If you build a rapport with one of the many girls broadcasting from Asia or Latin America, you can even set up a regular date with them with a little bit of work and minimal investment. You can broadcast your cam to ladies you are chatting with if they will accept it. It usually requires some tipping first or the prior establishment of a relationship or some kind. But for guys who get off on mutual masturbation it’s one of the best options anywhere.

3. Sakura Live

Sakura Live is the absolute online epicenter for Japanese women on webcam. The eroticism of these J-girls is simply unmatched. Participation is pretty inexpensive and a lot of the women speak decent English even though they hail from the land of the rising sun. This is one of the best places to interact with sexy Japanese women over the internet.

I can’t exactly put my finger on what is so appealing about adult Japanese performers. But when you see it you will certainly know it too. There is a reason Japanese porn is so popular worldwide. The reason is the women who feature in those adult videos. They are arguably even better when broadcasting live.

sakura live webcamssakura live webcams

Sakura Live comes highly recommended if want to chat up some sexy Japanese babes from the comfort of your own home. Of course it is nothing like getting actual hands on action with a hot Japanese chick in real time at a place like New Hot Point where the ladies give customers handjobs. But it’s not bad either!

While there are a few Japanese girls on MyFreeCams occasionally, there are a lot more girls there pretending to be Japanese for whatever reason. The same goes for most other English language adult webcam sites. Sakura Live is the place to find Japanese cam girls if you insist on the real thing.

4. Cam Soda

Cam Soda is a lot like both MyFreeCams and Chaturbate. At times it appears the overall selection on those two sites are better, but even if that’s true Cam Soda earns its keep by broadcasting amazing babes with unique features. There is something to be said for novelty. After all, that’s why men are always looking around for more women!

Cam Soda has been in the news countless times for all of its innovation. The myfreecams mobile site has come up with everything from butt naked language lessons to an iTunes of oral sex that transmits feelings over smart phones in real time. It might sound gimmicky, and maybe it is. But all the attention in the world wouldn’t work if the women weren’t there.

cam soda camscam soda cams

Thankfully Cam Soda is loaded with hot ladies. They have a wide variety of performers and I have to say that most of them look very good to me. It’s easy to navigate through all the gals too. Are you looking for gals that gobble up gummy rubber dildos with their bums? All you have to do is type “anal” into the search bar at the top of the page instead of going through each room until you fund something up your alley. Or up her ass.

Cam Soda also follows the now common formula of free public shows with optional tipping. So the women will show off in their chat rooms and you can watch them play totally free of charge. If you want to interact with them you just sign up for an account. And if you want to make special requests like seeing a part of their body naughtyfriendgirl or watching them deep throat a dildo you shell out an appropriate tip. This works well.

What am I missing? I know there are tons more adult webcam sites out there. But in my experience most of the myriad sites out there are simply unappealing. That is my my opinion anyway, based on what I have seen. Do you care to argue otherwise? Let me know in the comment section below.